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Welcome to the Bosch.IO Service Dashboard!

The Bosch.IO Service Dashboard is a product that offers central access to IoT enabled digital services for your business.

Service Dashboard as a Service#

The Service Dashboard is available as a managed service, too. The Service Dashboard as a Service (SDaaS) supports our customers in creating individual IoT solutions by orchestrating different services and data into one holistic solution. It allows to create an entry point to different applications and (IoT) data. By visualizing and using services and data centrally, users have all the information they need for their daily work at their fingertips. Access to data or applications can be defined individually for internal and external users.



The Service Dashboard as a Service (SDaaS) is a flexible and scalable cloud platform that allows integrating different (IoT) data and services into one user-centric solution. Thanks to standardized APIs and a powerful integration layer, customized solutions and dashboards can be created without the need to replace existing applications. Based on easily customizable frontend modules, customer-individual user interfaces can be developed without high-effort web design projects.

  • Web frontend with the ability to provide access to digital services or individual sub systems via single sign-on
  • Orchestration layer to create a single point of access to all services that are released for a company and an account
  • Service listing area incl. customizable filter options and service-individual description pages
  • Data Router for rule-based data processing and routing
  • Data Integration Layer for unified representation of data per use case and for control of access to data
  • Ability to run a holistic KPI dashboard with notifications and alarming throughout all services within the dashboard
  • Management of users, roles, and rights (unlimited users)
  • Support of different identity providers (e.g. ADFS)
  • Ability to create additional tenants
  • GDPR compliant storage of personal data
  • Regular data backup and system monitoring
  • Maintenance and support



With the Service Dashboard as a Service we serve customers that want to:

  1. orchestrate their “zoo” of different services and want to provide their users with a central point of access to digital services and device data through an integrated service dashboard via Single-Sign-On to enhance the user experience.
  2. create holistic KPI dashboards for different target groups visualizing data from different IoT devices, services, and systems. This way, they can increase transparency and get enabled to make decisions based on real time data.
  3. want to provide external customers with access to different applications their business unit has developed.
What's in for you?
  • Create a high user experience through customer-individual UI and data visualization
  • Orchestrate different (IoT device) data, services, and systems into one application
  • Easy and flexible integrate different service/solution providers
  • Achieve transparency by holistic KPI dashboards across different data sources
  • Define access rights via a role-based access management
  • Rely on a managed cloud solution (hosted on Microsoft Azure) with continuous development, maintenance and support
  • Benefit from an open system to grow with future use cases
What’s in for your users and customers?
  • Internal users and even external customers have access to digital services via a central web frontend.
  • Services can be accessed via Single-Sign-On (SSO) to enhance the user experience.
  • Different user groups benefit from target-group specific KPI dashboards that combine data from different sources.