User & Company Account

I am not able to login, what can I do?#

Please double check if you are using the right credentials and reset the password.

If you still cannot access the Bosch.IO Service Dashboard please reach out to or submit a support request here:

I have forgot my password. What should I do?#

Just simply reset your password via the link in the login form or visit the page directly

I want to invite my colleagues, where can I do that?#

You can add new users in the area "Manage team". The number of users is not limited to a special number.

More information on how to add new users, see "Add a new team member"

The forgot password link does not work. What happened?#

Once you have requested a new password, the generated link for resetting it is valid for 48 hours. After this time frame, the link becomes invalid.

Please start resetting your password again via the link in the login form or visit the page directly If this is not successful, please send us an e-mail.

Why do I need to create a company account?#

Creating a company account is a pre-requisite to grant users access to services and data. Creating a company account can be requested here: