Management of Company Accounts

Register a company#

Creating a company account is a pre-requisite to grant users access to services and data.

To register a company account for the Bosch.IO Service Dashboard, please fill in the form:

Once the validation is done, your company account gets activated and you will receive a welcome email afterwards.

View company account settings#

  1. Click on the user icon on the top right side.
  2. Select "Company account" from the opened menu.
  3. An overview about the company account settings is shown.

Update company account information#

To make sure that only validated accounts have access to the Bosch.IO Service Dashboard, it is not possible to update company account information directly within the Service Dashboard.

If you would like to change details such as address or company name, please send an e-mail to or submit a request via the support form.

Create additional tenants#

If you want to grant external companies and users access to one or more digital services within your service dashboard, an additional tenant for your service dashboard is required. To create a new tenant, a corresponding company account needs to be created (see "Register a company"). As soon as this new organization has been approved, defined services can be made available and accessible to the team members that are part of this organization.