Roles & rights

In this section you will find an overview about the roles, rights and their relationship within the Bosch.IO Service Dashboard.

Standard Roles#

Within the Bosch.IO Service Dashboard, the following standard roles are defined:

  • Organization Admin: Users with this role are responsible for the administration of a company account and the related team members. A company account usually represents an organization (unit).
  • Organization User: Users with this role are able to login to a specific Service Dashboard and are able to view all services and assigned to their organization.
  • Device Manager: Users with this role are able to create and delete devices.

Customized Roles#

In addition to the standard roles, customized roles can be defined if required for customer-individual service dashboards. On customer request, Bosch.IO can implement customized roles with corresponding rights. Afterwards, Organization Admins can actively assign these new roles to specific user accounts. Customized roles and related rights are transmitted down to service level via Single-Sign-On.

Roles & rights overview#

DescriptionOrganization AdminOrganization User
Delete user accountsxx
Add new users to an organizationxx
Assign roles to user accountsx
View and change user account information and attributesx (all users of an organization)only own user account information
View all users within a specific organizationxx
View details of a specific organizationxx
Make organization publicxx